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Silver Membership 15-50 pages
If you place any order that totals more than 15 pages you will receive a valuable discount savings of 5%! This discount can be earned on a single order or multiple orders together that have an overall total of 15 pages or more.
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Gold Membership51-100 pages
When placing an order for your paper, you’ll get a huge discount of 10% for orders of 51-100 pages. What’s more, you can get this amazing discount even when you make multiple orders together. We offer lots of other regular promos and freebies to make sure your academic success comes at an affordable price.
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Platinum Membership101+ pages
For our customers who order papers with more than 101 pages, they get to have a 15% discount on their order. To enjoy this huge discount, you need to make sure your orders have an overall total page of 101 and above. Our discounts are put in place to ensure that every student can pay for our services without stress.
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