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The capstone of every academic journey is an informative and well-written dissertation. Writing one is tasking, as it involves making different parts a cohesive structure that highlights and exhibits exceptional academic knowledge and grasp on chosen field. A dissertation is composed of an abstract, introduction chapter, literature review chapter, methodology chapter, results chapter, and discussion and recommendations chapter.


Abstracts are usually written after the study has been completed. They serve as an overview of the actual research conducted and the methodologies employed in coming up with the result. An abstract is brief and concise, and is usually made up of 350 words maximum. It succinctly presents the problem and purpose of the study, the methods used, the findings arrived at, and the discussions and recommendations.


The introduction chapter guides the course of the research endeavour. It states the field of interest and the specific problem that the author will aim to solve. Per structure, introduction chapters generally include the background of the problem, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, research question/s, hypotheses, significance of the study, research design, limitations and/or delimitations, and definition of terms.


The literature review chapter appraises relevant scholarly materials (journals, books, and published works) relevant to the area under investigation. Content-wise, literature review chapters should provide an overview of the topic and surveys of works of credible authors. Prime consideration should be given to provenance, objectivity, persuasiveness, and value of selected literature because these serve as criteria in determining the importance and relevance of the selected literatures to the study.


The methodology chapter informs readers of the procedures and techniques to be used in acquiring and analysing data relevant to the study. Here the author describes the appropriate tools necessary for obtaining valid and generalizable data. In addition, defence of selected tools and techniques is given in methodology chapters so as to establish the reliability of their use and validity of findings.


The results chapter summarises collected date obtained from the research methods used. Ideally, results chapters start with a brief restatement of the research problem and then proceed with the presentations of facts and obtained results. Writers should be wary of how data are presented in this chapter; it should be noted that statements made about the generalised results are free of speculation, implication, assessment, evaluation, or interpretation.


The discussion chapter contains the explanation and evaluation of the findings presented in the preceding section. Generally, discussion chapters provide readers with evaluation and analysis based on the hypotheses, objectives, or research question. Moreover, interpretation of data should not be biased and firmly justified. This should be related to the published works outlined and assessed in the review of literature chapter.

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